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Chuck Barfoot

Chuck Barfoot

Chuck Barfoot started designing snoboards and skateboards in 1978 while working for Sims in Santa Barbara, CA, where he was an integral part of R&D. Chuck used his vast knowledge to design the first surf-influenced, fiberglass snowboards featuring foam core, swallowtail and a flex fin. At that time, they called the sport Snow Surfing. If it wasn’t for the influence of Chuck and a few others, we wouldn’t have snowboarding.

He went his own direction in 1981 and produced the highest quality snoboards and skateboards of the 80’s with revolutionizing concepts, materials and the legendary Barfoot craftmanship that makes a Barfoot a BARFOOT.

Chuck was inducted into Transworld’s Snowboarding Hall of Fame in 1997.

Chuck is currently working with Ernie DeLost on the long-anticipated revival of BARFOOT Snoboards, while continuing to break new ground in the skateboard market.

The difference between a BARFOOT and most other cruiser style longboards is that a BARFOOT is way ahead of these other brands in the quality and materials department, and is made in the U.S.A.

Chuck has been making skateboards since the 60s, was the co-inventor of the snowboard, used to surf for Greg Noll’s surf team, and most importantly, is the definition of a small boutique brand. The guy has done more for the sport’s of surfing, skating, and snowboarding together than anyone I know of. A true legend!

—Silverfish Longboarding


My wife surprised me with the Yater board for my birthday, making it the best birthday since I was a kid. It rides like a dream, but it's so beautiful I'm scared to mess it up. Anyway, after a year or so of pining for this board and daily stare sessions on y... more

—Brian Miller  

Thanks so much for your help on the phone. I can't wait to get my board. I am sure you will be hearing from me again as soon as I get it, with all of my gushing.

—Sue Hopkins  

Dude your longboard it totaly sweet. I wait for like 12 days for it and when it finally got here i ripped it out of the box and took it crusin. It handles the turnes like a pro. I'm so stoked that i chose your board over the competition.Thanks for the board an... more

—Andrew Illuzzi